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ELCB History:

Circ. 1964
Painted by Lucy Meier

Pastor A.P. Lea of the Scandinavian Lutheran church in Chippewa Falls led the first mission service in October 1906. All worship services were held in the homes and were later moved to the schoolhouse, District No. 13.
The first recorded church minutes are dated June 19, 1910 when a meeting was held to officially organize the congregation. Present were Reverend A.P. Lea, Eric Hendrickson, Lewis S. Bue, Albert Hendrickson, Thomas Larson, and Oscar Roen. An acre of land was acquired from the Wisconsin Central Railroad. Todd Wood recalled the land was donated.

While numerous Scandinavian families were involved in
the establishment of the church, they did not have enough money for the actual building. They went around the community to solicit funds. The area was a mix of ethnic families. While they liked the idea of a church, they would only contribute if English was spoken at the services. Thus the church was named English Lutheran so everyone knew the language to be spoken.

Various community familites were then instrumental in establishing a cemetery. The land was given to the Township rather than the church so it would be a community cemetery.


Founder's Day Service


Church History

1910 June 19 - First organizational meeting, Rev. Anton Lea. Services, Bateman School
1913 April 6 - Congregation votes to build church
1913 December - Cornerstone laid
1914 - Heavy spring melting snow flooded basement, ruining organ and hymn books as basement was used for worship because edifice was still unfinished
1916 - First burial recorded at Bateman cemetery. Archie Hendrickson, age 5.
1919 - Church bell donated by Mr & Mrs Lewis Bue in memory of their daughter Clara
1921 - Mertie Barquist crossover


National History 1913

January 1 - Post Office begins parcel deliveries

February 2 - Jim Thorpe sign with the New York Giants

February 3 - Federal Income taxes ratified

March 4 - Woodrow Wilson inaugurated as 28th President

September 10 - Lincoln Highway opens as first paved cross country road in United States

September 20 - Francis Ouimet first amateur to win the US Golf Open


Birthdays 1913

January 9 - Richard Nixon

February 4 - Rosa Parks, Civil Rights activist

June 11 - Vince Lombardi, coach Green Bay Packers

July 13 - Dave Garroway, host of Today Show

July 18 - Red Skelton, comedian


Mertie Barquist Crossover

It was the custom in 1913 for the women and the men to sit on different sides of the church during the service. Mertie was heard saying one morning during a 1921 service “If my husband is going to come to church I am going to sit with him”. And then she stood up and did just that.


How did the church get its name?

In the early years it is important to remember that the Bateman area had many nationalities living here. There was a lot of Norwegians but there was also a lot of Germans. To assure that they were able to serve as many as possible they agreed to put English in the name so everyone would know that English was being spoken during the service. But the reality was that there were not a lot of congregational members that spoke English so every third service was conducted in Norwegian. This practice continued for several years until more members spoke English.

















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Our Mission:

We, the family of English Lutheran Church of Bateman,

are here to serve the Lord through worship, fellowship,

stewardship and discipleship.

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